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Largest places in Palestinian Territory

The largest cities and places in Palestinian Territory at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Palestinian Territory.

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Largest places in Palestinian Territory
Gaza Gaza1.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip410,000
Khan Yunis Khān Yūnis2.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip173,183
Jabalya Jabālyā3.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip168,568
Hebron Hebron4.West Bank West Bank160,470
Nablus Nablus5.West Bank West Bank130,326
Rafah Rafaḩ6.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip126,305
Dayr al Balah Dayr al Balaḩ7.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip59,504
Bayt Lahya Bayt Lāhyā8.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip56,919
Tulkarm Ţūlkarm9.West Bank West Bank44,169
Qalqilyah Qalqīlyah10.West Bank West Bank43,212
Yuta Yuta11.West Bank West Bank41,425
Al Birah Al Bīrah12.West Bank West Bank38,192
Bayt Hanun Bayt Ḩānūn13.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip37,392
An Nusayrat An Nuşayrāt14.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip36,123
Al Burayj Al Burayj15.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip34,951
Janin Janīn16.West Bank West Bank34,730
Bani Suhayla Banī Suhaylā17.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip31,272
Bethlehem Bethlehem18.West Bank West Bank29,019
Az Zahiriyah Az̧ Z̧āhirīyah19.West Bank West Bank27,616
Ar Ram wa Dahiyat al Barid Ar Rām wa Ḑāḩiyat al Barīd20.West Bank West Bank24,838
Ramallah Ramallah21.West Bank West Bank24,599
Halhul Ḩalḩūl22.West Bank West Bank21,076
Dura Dūrā23.West Bank West Bank20,835
Bani Na`im Banī Na‘īm24.West Bank West Bank19,783
Jericho Jericho25.West Bank West Bank19,783
Al Qararah Al Qarārah26.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip19,500
As Samu` As Samū‘27.West Bank West Bank19,355
Qabatiyah Qabāţīyah28.West Bank West Bank19,127
Idhna Idhnā29.West Bank West Bank18,727
`Abasan al Kabirah ‘Abasān al Kabīrah30.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip18,163
Sa`ir Sa‘īr31.West Bank West Bank17,775
Al `Ayzariyah Al ‘Ayzarīyah32.West Bank West Bank17,455
Balatah Balāţah33.West Bank West Bank17,146
Az Zuwaydah Az Zuwāydah34.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip16,688
Bayt Jala Bayt Jālā35.West Bank West Bank16,183
Al Yamun Al Yāmūn36.West Bank West Bank16,164
Tubas Ţūbās37.West Bank West Bank15,591
Bayt Sahur Bayt Sāḩūr38.West Bank West Bank14,921
Tarqumya Tarqūmyā39.West Bank West Bank14,202
Ya`bad Ya‘bad40.West Bank West Bank13,477
Surif Şūrīf41.West Bank West Bank12,992
Baytunya Baytūnyā42.West Bank West Bank12,822
Bayt Ummar Bayt Ūmmar43.West Bank West Bank12,238
`Anata ‘Anātā44.West Bank West Bank11,946
Abu Dis Abū Dīs45.West Bank West Bank11,753
Al `Ubaydiyah Al ‘Ubaydīyah46. 10,618
Bayt Fajjar Bayt Fajjār47.West Bank West Bank10,579
Shukat as Sufi Shūkat aş Şūfī48.Gaza Strip Gaza Strip10,566
Tammun Ţammūn49.West Bank West Bank10,119
Bayt Furik Bayt Fūrīk50.West Bank West Bank10,108

1 - 50 of 467 places
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